Sensores personalizados

“With AWAIBA the costumer gets access to the right technology for their product.”

Awaiba’s expertise is not limited to cutting edge image sensor technology. We provide expertise ranging from low cost industrial electronic processes, to expertise in deep sub-micron CMOS manufacturing. Advances in technology even permit the implementation of CCD like structures within CMOS pixels. Furthermore, AWAIBA’s extensive experience in developing custom CMOS sensor is a great advantage to its customers. It’s innovative development team is no stranger to demanding specifications such as processing multiple tens of thousands images per second, or even sub mW power consumption. Similarly, Awaiba can accommodate design requests such as sub mm sensor dimensions, 120C temperature range, wide dynamic scenes, or multi-million pixel imagers.

AWAIBA’s consultancy and project management team is able to support new ideas right from conception through development, testing and to volume production. They are able to provide guidance for a broad range of sensor applications, and in particular, including innovative optical and packaging concepts.


The right sensor for your application

Do you know what you want (in terms of performance, size, speed, power consumption, packaging, and temperature range) but can’t find a sensor that suits you?

Or, does the image sensor you currently use limit the performance of your system, and thereby prevent you from exploiting lucrative markets?
Then you should consider a custom-made image-sensor from AWAIBA.

AWAIBA can help you optimize the specifications for your imaging system, and subsequently develop the ‘perfect’ image sensor to meet your needs. Together with you, AWAIBA can select the appropriate silicon manufacturer and packaging partner.

Depending on your needs, AWAIBA can do just the design, or it can oversee the entire production of your image sensor using its ‘fabless’ business model. In the latter case, AWAIBA would be able to handle the entire supply chain, and you would receive your sensors according to your schedule, as if you had ordered off-the-shelf components. The only difference is that the sensors are made to your specifications, are tested according to your needs, and fit perfectly to your application.

How long does a custom design take?

Depending on the complexity of the design, you should allow a minimum of 10 months from the start of a project until you receive the first parts.

How much does a custom design cost?

Again depending on the complexity of the design, the cost of a custom-made image sensor will vary. To reduce development costs, it is sometimes possible to join up with other clients and share development costs for an image sensor which all can use. Please contact Awaiba with your requirements to find the most efficient solution.