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AWAIBA is a design house and supplier of CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxides Semiconductors) image sensors for specific applications.

NanEye, worlds smallest CMOS image sensor

Awaiba, designs and produces image sensors for, among others, industrial inspection, medical endoscopy, automotive on board cameras, and high speed video systems. AWAIBA’s rich intellectual property enables it to develop state of the art high-dynamic CMOS image sensors, high-speed image sensors as well as miniaturized image sensors.
Enjoy NanEye, the worlds smallest digital camera:

If you need an image sensor which offers performance beyond the standard products on the market, Awaiba is your perfect technology partner. We will be there to guide you all the way from the initial idea, prototype, and from there onwards to volume production.

Get the sensor technology of which your competitors can only dream!

Worlds fastest and highest resolution digital line-scan sensor
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