AWAIBA’s core business is the development and supply of image sensors for specialized applications, focusing on medical endoscopy, industrial inspection, high-speed imaging, high-speed line scan, automotive on board cameras and scientific imaging and analysis. AWAIBA offers CMOS image sensors custom designed to these applications as well as off the shelf products optimized for well-defined application areas. Read more




November 10, 2014 / Visit Us at the Upcoming Fairs

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Please visit us at boot Hall 08a / K32 at COMPAMED, the international trade fair for suppliers’ products in medical manufacture, offers a comprehensive range of parts and components, raw materials, precursor products, equipment and technologies for medical instruments, as well as packaging and services for the medical technology industry. Not only does COMPAMED stand out internationally because it regularly features over 650 exhibitors from around the world, it is also held concurrently with MEDICA, the world’s largest and most renowned medical trade fair – itself featuring 4,600+ exhibitors and attracting around 130,000 trade visitors annually. The combination of these two events offers an unparalleled opportunity


October 13, 2014 / NanEye Camera article on Biophotonics Magazine

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Wafer-level packaging, CMOS circuits and MOEMS technologies help realize sub-1-mm camera modules. Imaging and small-sized digital camera modules have become ubiquitous. Only a few years ago, a digital camera recorder was still a considerable investment, and its size and weight made users consider whether to drag it along or not. Today, the presence of digital cameras everywhere seems self-evident. Smartphones usually implement more than one camera, and game consoles are gearing up to combine video, digital stills and 3-D interaction with the total gaming experience, resulting in four or more cameras per device. The expansion of cameras has only been possible by