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  • NanEyeGS IDULE camera_2
  • NanEyeGS IDULE camera_1
  • Naneye GS Soupcam lens_1
  • Naneye GS on Omnetics_1
  • Naneye GS 5mm lens_1
Resolution 410KP – 640(H) x 640(V)
Pixel size 3.6 x 3.6 μm2
Pixel depth 10 bit
Shutter Type Global Sutter
Frame Rate 100 – 50 – 25 FPS
Data Output 10 bit digital LVDS
Chroma RGB / BW
Power Consumption Nominal supply 3.3 V – 100 mW
Temperature Operating: 0° – 60°C
Responsivity 12 DN/nJ/cm2
Full Well Capacity 12ke-
Dynamic Range 60 dB
DSNU / PRNU 4 DN / < 2 %
Total QE 40 %
Footprint 3.4 x 3.4 x 0.5 mm
Conformity RoHS

Package Options Mechanical Drawing Connector
Chip  NanGS_Package
Chip+PCB  NanoGS_CSP_PCB Omnetics A7962
Chip+Lens+Cable  NanoGS_CSP_LENS Omnetics A7962
Cable up to 20 cm (Optional)
Filter Options Spectral Info
None (Black & White) NanEyeGS_spctral_resp
Color Filter (Bayer Pattern) DR_Filter_Spec
Board Type Max FPS Number of Sensors
NanEyeGS IDULE camera_2 USB 3 90 1
AwaibaUSB3 USB 3 100 2


F# Number 4
FOV (diagonal in air) 30º
Size (image circle) 3.258 mm (on sensor)
Depth of focus mm M5 (15 mm – ∞ )

Sensor Short Spec :

NanEyeGS and NanEyeGS Stereo Camera System (875.2 KB) Version: (1.0.6)

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NanEye GS

NanEye_GS is a small form factor high sensitivity global shutter sensor with external trigger properties and frame rate up to 100Fps. The sensor features a high sensitivity global shutter pixel with 3.6um pitch. The global shutter property permits easy synchronization with external light sources or externally triggered events.
The sensors data Interface provides a bit serial LVDS data stream easy to receive in standard FPGA’s or by standard deserializer components. The data output bus can be tristated in between the frame transfers to connect several devices on a dingle data bus. The serial configuration interface is implemented similar to I2C interface, however with the possibility to connect multiple identical devices on a same bus. The sensor main clock can be internally divided to accommodate lower data rate applications.

The external sensor clock is provided over an LVDS differential link to avoid EMI/EMC issues even in case of remote sensor heads with extended connector lengths.

Sensor Applications :

  • Medical endoscopy
  • Dental imaging
  • Surgical robots
  • Guide wire visualization
  • Intubation equipment visualization

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