AWAIBA Corporate Information


AWAIBA Lda, part of AMS group, was founded in 2004, constituted under Portuguese law, and is located in Funchal, Madeira.

CMOSIS Germany GmbH, former AWAIBA GmbH, was founded in 2006, constituted under German law.

AWAIBA HOLDING SA, part of AMS group, was founded in 2010, constituted under the Swiss law. AWAIBA HOLDING is fully owned by CMOSIS INTERNATIONAL NV Holding company, located in Antwerp the Belgium


  • To help our customers realize their vision.
  • To assist our customers, from concept to reality.
  • To support them, from prototype to production.
  • To enable them to respond swiftly to market demands and maximize the success of their products.
  • To cooperate with our customers in developing successful products.
  • To serve our customers to their full satisfaction, by developing innovative vision products whose performance surpasses today’s state-of-the-art.
  • To respect our planet and all its inhabitants through responsible and sustainable developments and actions in all aspects of our business.

AWAIBA focusses on the turn key development of speciality image sensors in medical imaging and computer vision. Additional important markets for AWAIBA’s image sensor expertise include industrial automation and quality control, also known as ‘robot vision’; the automotive sector, namely on-board cameras for comfort and security applications. Lastly, in the medical field, AWAIBA offers unique know how in the development of miniaturized cameras for micro-invasive surgery.

Besides CMOS image sensor design AWAIBA’s Intellectual Property provides experiences in the field of packaging for CMOS image sensors, particularly Chip On Board (COB), Flip Chip and Chip Scale Packages (CSP) based on Wafer Level processes. AWAIBA has also pioneered the integration of TSV (Through Silicon Via) packaging technology with Wafer level optics to fully wafer level (Wafer to Wafer) assembled camera modules.

In the area of optics, depending on the application, lens systems made from either glass, or plastics can be made, with spherical, aspherical or diffractive properties. AWAIBA’s experience extends to Wafer Level optics integration, which permits true “system in a package” solutions thus enabling it to offer extreme reductions in both size and cost.

Such highly integrated vision modules require careful control and management of the supply chain. AWAIBA therefore has invested in the capacity to be able to offer it’s customers to manage production and testing on their behalf.


High dynamic range image sensors. Input dynamic range >120dB for automotive and surveillance applications.

High-speed high resolution line-scan sensors. For surface inspection, spectroscopy, and triangulation applications

Miniature form factor sensors. < 0.25mm2 total chip area. (complete digital camera on chip) for medical endoscopy.


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