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Medical image sensors

AWAIBA has a long history and proven track record in successful developments of image sensors for various medical applications. This ranges from X-Ray panels and CT to Digital Microscopy, Endoscopy, Laproscopy, 3D-model generation and imaging for medical analysis equipment. Each of these applications provide it’s own challenges to the sensor technology used and requires optimization of all components towards the specific medical applications. Derived from the accumulated experience with these applications AWAIBA has developed versatile multi purpose image sensors for medical applications which are available as standard components.

NanEye Miniature CMOS image sensor

NanEye Minimal Diameter Endoscopy

AWAIBA’s proprietary sensor and packaging technology provides unprecedented miniaturization and integration possibilities. Based on this, AWAIBA has developed minimal form factor image sensors. These sensors can be embedded with micro optics to provide high resolution visualization in endoscopic applications guided by wires of minimal diameter. Awaiba is proud to provide a technology that is true to the label “minimally Invasive”. The instruments used by doctors provide the combination of safety and clear high resolution image quality without the trade off patient pain or trauma.

NanEye 2C 1mm 62k pixels

The NanEye 2C sensor provides a true system on chip camera head with fully self timed readout sequencing, AD conversion to 10 bit and bit serial data transmission over LVDS. AWAIBA’s proprietary data interface technology permits cable length’s up to 3m with out any additional components at the distal end. Due to the low energy dissipation on the interface no complicated shielding is required to meet EMC norms. With it’s 250 x 250 pixels at 3um pitch the sensors provide clear and sharp images with outstanding MTF in a very compact size. A frame rate of 44Fps permit synchronization to any type of display. The NanEye sensor provides delay free, smooth video operation resulting in a safe operation and a clear diagnosis. The sensors are connected to minimal diameter cabling solutions. As an option, a small lens an be assembled to the chip, this option does not increase the total diameter of the sensor, making it the world most compact digital camera.
Typical applications are medical endoscopy, dental imaging, surgical robots, guide wire visualization, intubation equipment visualization, disposable equipment. For more detailed specs please read the NanEye Camera System Spec document. For fast and convenient evaluation, AWAIBA provides an USB based evaluation kit and an extensive Viewer and demo application download documentation for NanEye viewer .

NanEye Digital CMOS image sensor & lens with 1mm x 1mm x 1.5mm 44 Fps

  • Number of pixels: 250 x 250
  • Colour: RGB; B&W
  • Pixel size: 3um x 3um
  • Frame rate at full resolution: 44
  • Shutter type: Rolling
  • Resolution: 10bit
  • Sensor Size: 1mm x 1mm
  • Size with Lens: 1mm x 1mm x 1.5mm (W L H )
  • Supported cabling length: 2m
  • Data Interface: bit serial LVDS
  • Power supply: 1.8V;
  • Power consumption: 4mW

View sample video from NanEye image sensor, the worlds smallest digital camera!

For additional information please visit NanEye frequently asked questions section.

NanEye Evaluation Units

The above images have been acquired by the NanEye evaluation unit with fiber illumination

Evaluation kit for NanEye the worlds smallest digital camera with fiber optic illumination

NanEye digital miniature camera combined with fiber illumination

This complete evaluation unit comprises a power full fiber light source in a compact bundle with the NanEye camera and allows to start tests in real environment immediately.

If illumination is already available, only the interface box to standard USBII is required to visualize the stunning NanEye images on a PC and to record videos or snap shots:

NanEye base station the convenient way to interface NanEye cameras through USB

NanEye USB 1 base station


NanEye USB 2 base station

Along with the small size NanEye USB bases stations [ NanUSB1 or NanUSB2 (LED Power)] . A viewer software and a comprehensive API library is supplied. Access the current versions at:

NEW! NanEye_Stereo

A new dimension is achieved in minimally invasive surgery and smallest size measurement tasks with NanEye_Stereo the worlds smallest stereo vision camera! Measuring only 1mm x 2.2mm x 1.4mm the module embeds a special optics for 3D stereo vision. The specially developed optics eliminates channel cross talk and miss alignment between the minimal form factor cameras.

The compact NanEye stereo module

The NanEye stereo module with only 1mm x 2.2mm x 1.4mm


As optional accessory the NanEye camera module can be supplied with a miniature LED illumination module. The LED illumination module is an ideal cost-conscious illumination solution for close objects. The minimal form factor illumination rings manufactured using the latest micro electronics manufacturing technologies are available win tow diameters with 3mm and 2.4mm. Highly efficient special LED’s provide the maximum light output for minimal power.

NanEye with 2.4mm LED ring illumination

The 2.4mm LED ring illumination accessory provides smallest form factor high efficiency LED illumination ideally fitted to the compact camera head.

Two option LED illumination accessories are available:

NanEye_LED_Head_2.4mm with 2.4mm diameter

NanEye_LED_Head_3.0mm with 3.0mm diameter

NEW! NanEye_GS 640×640 pixel 100Fps Global Shutter

The NanEye_GS sensor provides in an extremely compact package of only 3.4mm side length a full VGA resolution image sensor with global shutter. Ideal for strobed illumination applications and high resolution endoscopic imaging. The frame rate of up to 100 images per second and the synchronous electronic shutter provide blur free images of fast moving scenes.

NanEye_GS with 640x640 pixels and 100Fps with Global shutter

NanEye_GS small size image sensor with 640×640 pixels and 100Fps with global shutter

  • Number of pixels: 640 x 640
  • Colour: RGB; B&W
  • Pixel size: 3.6um x 3.6um
  • Max frame rate at full resolution: 100
  • Shutter type: Global
  • Resolution: 10bit
  • Sensor Size: 3.4mm x 3.4mm
  • Data Interface: bit serial LVDS
  • Power supply: 3.3V;

NanEye_GS specification sheet
For additional information please visit NanEye GS frequently asked questions section

NEW! NanEye GS Evaluation Unit

The Evaluation set consists of the NanEye GS base station which receives the NanEye GS sensors LVDS bit serial data stream and translates it to a USBII protocol that will interface over a standard USBII connection to a PC.

The supplied viewer software controls the NanEye GS camera, and displays the video images.

NanEyeGS USB Evaluation Unit

The Current Base Station USB 2.0 interface limits transfer rates between the Sensor and the PC , given this although the sensor works at 25/50/100 FPS and Viewer will only display a maximum of 8 FPS .
NanEyeGS USB Evaluation Unit.pdf


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